Rosalia Zelma. Pugalo


The Scarecrow 1990 Pugalo – Rosalia Zelma – Russian animation –


Pugalo (The Scarecrow), 1990
film, color, sound, approx. 10 minutes
video courtesy the artist




(born in 1938) is a Russian filmmaker who created a series of animated films from 1967 to 1992 (approximatively). For Pugalo ZELMA employs a traditional drawing to offer a story in which a scarecrow is attracted by a white hare. Sadly, the long-eared beauty’s affections hop elsewhere, in search of a suitor with deeper patchwork pockets filled with carrots*.


found via the Bunny Rogers Top Ten for Artforum January 2014*



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6 Responses to Pugalo

  1. KOH  says:

    Great video~like it
    good day

  2. This was utterly charming and a wonderfully rich story. Thank you for sharing! 😉

  3. Luna Arjuna says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ the video!

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